PM 56, Amur Class Repair Ship, Returned Home.

PM 56

According to website, The Russian floating workshop PM-56 returned to her homeport Sevastopol.

From August 2011 till January 2012 she was in Mediterranean to maintain the activities of Russian Navy’s task force.  The rumor is she has spent time in Tartus harbor, Syria.

I was able to take the above photo of her, during her deployment cruise on 13th August 2011.

Black Sea Fleet (BSF) floating workshop PM-56 commanded by Capt Igor Bakuradze on Jan 31 returned to Sevastopol from a 6-month deployment in the Mediterranean Sea, BSF press service told Central Navy Portal.
Being deployed in the Mediterranean, the vessel maintained activities of Russian Navy’s task force.
To provide security during the cruise, PM-56 had an anti-terror group and boarding party consisting of BSF marines.
A solemn meeting ceremony took place in Sevastopol; the crew was handed traditional bread-and-salt and a piglet roast.
BSF seagoing tanker Ivan Bubnov continues to maintain Russian Navy’s carrier group in the Mediterranean Sea.
Floating workshop PM-56 was built in Szczecin, Poland in 1973.

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