NATO And Russian Task Force Commanders Meet In Gulf Of Aden

Captain 1st Rank Ildar Ahmerov (left) and Rear Admiral (LH) Sinan Azmi Tosun. Photo: Official NATO photo.

According to a NATO press release, Rear Admiral Sinan Azmi Tosun, Commander of the NATO Counter Piracy Mission Operation Ocean Shield, visited the Commander of Russian Warship Detachment of Russian Pacific Fleet, Captain 1st Rank Ildar Ahmerov on board of his flagship Admiral Tributs in the Gulf of Aden.

In addition to an exchange of briefings and a ship tour, the visit programme also allowed for open discussion and that opportunity was eagerly used. During a constructive meeting both sides shared information on their counter piracy operations and discussed possible opportunities to conduct training which will enable interoperability between NATO and Russian ships.

Commanders expressed their clear determination to improve coordination which allows different task forces to tackle the piracy problem together. Following the meeting, Rear Admiral (LH) Sinan Azmi TOSUN said, “We had a fruitful meeting. Our meeting will certainly help us to work together to tackle piracy in the region. We are all actors in the same area and good cooperation between our forces will enhance the effectiveness in keeping the shipping lanes safe as well as mutual understanding of the NATO and Russian units.

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