Beware Of Greeks Bearing Gifts

Since the Trojan War in ancient history, nations were advised to be suspicious of Greeks with gifts. Well this notion is one of the things we can call timeless or classic because what was true thousand years ago is still true today.

According to Cypriot website MAXHnews Live, Greece wants to give 3 of the recently decommissioned Votsis (La Combatante IIA or Type 148 ) class fast attack craft to Cyprus for EEZ surveillance and protection of natural gas reserves in the region. The web site claims to have obtained, a multi-page report prepared by a group of officers of the Cypriot Navy who went to Greece and examined the vessels.

The report leaves no doubt that the warships that Greece wants to donate to Cyprus are quite unsuitable from an operational perspective and simultaneously posing risks to the safety of the occupants.

Scrap vessels great and insurmountable problems are encountered vessels, problems that make them virtually useless for the needs of Cyprus and summarized below:

• The relatively small size and displacement, combined with the old technology have essentially make them unsuitable for the needs of the Republic, having a low range and limited weathering.
• Because of advanced age and limited operational capabilities, it becomes impracticable and extremely costly to any idea for further use.
• The marginal tonnage, prevents it from adding any additional weapon or sensor system.
• They have extensive corrosion to steel hulls and structural problems in the aluminum superstructure. The eventual recovery of these problems because of outdated technology vessels would, except for a very long period of immobility and export of main engines, axles, etc., which will be sky high costs.

• Has ceased long The construction of the main engine flying boats and there is now a serious problem of spare parts. Greece has for several years had resorted to the use of imitation rather than genuine parts, so the damage is very common and usually severe. Because it is an old design, they require frequent and extensive maintenance and even by specialized teams using special instrumental equipment.
• Given that Greece had decided long decommissioning, these boats are very fatigued, with large excess (more 50%) of hours, without the mediation of overhauls.

Business opportunities – Arming
• Some of the vessels flying missiles Harpoon (U.S. origin) and an Exocet. The type of missile Exocet, is older model than those available in the Republic arrays homing missiles land and with time have sufficient balance operational life.
• Both the guns (76mm and 40mm respectively) have extensive damage and bring about much limited remaining shots, with time.
• The radar is old with limited opportunities and lack of spare parts. It is characteristic that the manufacturer has now closed.

This must be a crappy situation for the Cypriots. I mean, if they cannot trust the Greeks, who on earth, is there left to trust? How about the French?

For further reading: Greek Navy Said Farewell to 3 Fast Attack Boats.

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