Sea Of Friendship 2011

Turkish and Egyptian navies will take part in exercise called   Bahr El-Muhabbe (Sea of Friendship) between 17 and 23 December 2011. The exercise will be hosted by Turkey and will be executed in Eastern Mediterranean.

According to the press release of Turkish Navy, the aim of the exercise is to develop mutual cooperation and interoperability between two navies.

Turkey will participate with two frigates, two fast attack craft, one tug, two patrol boats and one special forces team. Additionally airplanes from Turkish Navy and Air Force will take part in the exercise too. Egypt will submit two frigates,  two fast attack craft, one replenishment tanker, one helicopter and one special forces team.

The location and the timing of this exercise are well worth of noting. And further more my inner voice tells me that at least one ex- Perry class frigate from both navies will take part in this exercise.  And on board of Turkish G class frigate the Turkish officers will show off their modern CIC and the GENESIS modernization to their Egyptian counterparts.


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