French Frigate Arrives in Russia, While Russian Frigates Leaves For France

F-796 Commandant Birot, in Istanbul, in November.

According to Russian web sites, the French Aviso class frigate F-796 Commandant Birot arrived in Novorossiysk, Russia for a 5 day port visit that will end today.

The French frigate was in Istanbul between 16th and 20th November 2011. Before arriving in Istanbul, the ship was part of the Surge Operation for the Operation Active Endeavour.

After her visit in Istanbul the frigate proceeded to the Black Sea. Her first port visit in the Black Sea was in Varna, Bulgaria.

French frigate Commandant Birot arrived in Novorossiysk, Russia with a 5-day visit. The ship moored downtown Novorossiysk at the city sea port where the solemn meeting ceremony took place. 

Right after arrival in the Russian port, French officers visited Novorossiysk city administration and met with city mayor Vladimir Sinegovsky, and then paid a protocol visit to Novorossiysk Naval Base Acting Commander Capt 1 rank Oleg Shastov. 

Later on that day, a press conference for Russian press was held on board the French frigate. 

In the mean time The Russian Black Sea Fleet send her frigate Ladny to the Mediterranean Sea. There the frigate will meet with aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and destroyer Admiral Chabanenko. Formal calls at ports of Cyprus, Malta, France, and Spain are planed by the Russian while the Syrian harbor Tartaus will remain unvisited.

Black Sea Fleet frigate Ladny on Dec 4 left Sevastopol and laid a course for the Mediterranean Sea to meet with the task unit consisting of ships of Northern and Baltic fleets, reported Capt 1 rank Vyacheslav Trukhachev, the head of BSF Information Support Group. 

The frigate will meet with aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and ASW shipAdmiral Chabanenko in the Mediterranean Sea, reported Izvestiya in Nov 2011. According to the newspaper, the Russian task unit would call at Syrian port Tartus in spring 2012. This information was later refuted by a Navy’s spokesman. As for him, the Russian carrier group would not visit Syria during the exercise to be held in the Mediterranean this winter. 

“BSF Ladny sailed off Sevastopol heading for the Mediterranean Sea. The ship’s departure was conducted one day before the schedule due to bad weather forecast”, said Trukhachev. 

He added that the ship would pay formal calls at ports of Cyprus, Malta, France, and Spain. 

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  1. Dave Shirlaw says:

    Maybe you can get a picture of the relic oops I mean frigate going through.

    • The distance between Sevastopol and Istanbul is almost 300 nautical miles. It is a 10 to 12 hours sailing time. The ship has left on 4th December. I would like totake a photo of her but I am afraid she has already passed through Bosphorus.

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