Turkey Develops A High Frequency Surface Wave Radar

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) announced that it was developing a High Frequency Surface Wave Radar (HFSWR).  A prototype device, being tested at TÜBİTAK’s Center of Research For Advanced Technologies Of Informatics And Security (BILGEM), started to receive return echo from the surface of the sea for the first time.

The over the horizon radar with a range more than 200 km, is developed by TÜBİTAK for the Turkish State Meteorological Service and will provide low-cost, 24-hour, real-time information about the sea state, wave height, and sea currents. Additionally as the HFSW radar is capable of producing a map like picture of a large areas of sea, it will be a key instrument for policing the EEZ, coordinate search and rescue operations, and to combat smuggling, drug trafficking, illegal dumping of pollutants, and other undesirable activities.

A full scale prototype will be built in Eastern Black Sea coast and a  34-month trial phase will begin in the first quarter of next year. If the test results are satisfactory, similar HFSW radars will be installed along the other coast of Turkey.

When these radars are activated they will be crucial in creating the picture of the seas around Turkey and will help to increase our awareness about the maritime domain.


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