Bosphorus Naval News Is On DefencePoint (UPDATED)

The DefencePOint, one of the few Greek military blogs that is worth of reading has published my story about the ESSM test of Turkish Navy.

They have also used the photo showing the firing of the missile from this blog.

Unfortunately the bloggers at this blog (initially) forgot to mention my blog as the source of the photo and their story. But the photo is visible and you can compare the photo and wording that story to mine.

Well I am not surprised anymore to see my stories or photos being used by other web sites or blogs that conveniently forget to mention this blog as the source.

But I am surprised by the remarks such as “As illustrated by the remarkable site” or “this portal is distinguished by seriousness and professionalism”.


The DefencePoint made yesterday an announcement that have made the above mentioned omission without any bad intention.

I accept this announcement and thank them for their kind words about me and my work.

I am only happy to  reciprocate their good natured wishes in a same manner and courtesy.

4 Responses to Bosphorus Naval News Is On DefencePoint (UPDATED)

  1. Dave Shirlaw says:

    “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

  2. mcpon says:

    See it this way, the best way to show how much they liked your article is to copy it. This way they confirm that they couldn´t do it better!

    The fact they didn´t mention you or your blog is just a detail, but be sure insiders and experts will always recognize the TRUE origin of it.

  3. Mehmet Kale says:

    Bottomline is, this site is more than remarkable, more than outstanding. Worthy of the growing Turkish battle fleet.

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