USS Ramage Arrived In Marmaris Today.

USS Ramage In Marmaris. Photo: DHA

The Arleigh Burke class US Navy destroyer DDG-61 USS Ramage arrived today in Marmaris, Muğla for a three day port visit.

The local police and administrative authoritaties took extra security measure so the US sailors on shore are not harassed like during the last port visit, when USS Ramage was in Bodrum, Muğla.

During the previous port visit a small group of protesters belonging to Turkish Communist Party, and Youth Union of Turkey protested the crew of USS Ramage upon their arrival in Bodrum. One of the protesters managed to put a sack on an US sailor during the protest as a retaliation in kind to the events occurred in 2003, when US forces in Northern Iraq captured and questioned Turkish soldiers after putting sacks on their heads.

But there are many who welcome the US sailors. I am sure that the owners of local gift shops and bars are happy to see the new clients especially during the mid of the low season.


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  1. That is cool
    I love turkey armed forces

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