Update On M/F Ankara Collision

The possible collision place and the router of M/F Ankara

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced yesterday that the Turkish frigate F-244 TCG Barbaros was dispatched to the site of the collision to help searching for the survivors. She is expected to arrive at the scene in the early morning hours on 21st October 2011.

I am afraid that this might be too late as I do not think that there will be any survivors in the water alive after so many hours due to hypothermia. But I will be very happy if the events prove me wrong.

The collision between the M/F Ankara and M/V Reina 1 happened at 20th October 2011 around 02:00, about 22 miles off the coast of Durrës, Albania.

The Turkish owned and Maltese flagged cargo ship M/V Reina 1 was heading to north to Montenegro with a cargo of 3100 tons. The ferry M/F Ankara was on her scheduled cruise between Durrës and Bari with 189 passengers and 46 crew. While the ferry suffered some damage there are no casualties among her crew and passengers.

According to the testimony of the captain and second Capitan of M/V Reina 1 the ship received a heavy damage and sunk after a couple of minutes after the collision. Most of her crew of 10 were sleeping at that time. The Capitan of Reina 1 said that they did not have time to put their life jackets on.  The whole crew of M/V Reina 1 with the exception of two captains is missing at the moment.

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