M/F Ankara Collides With M/V Reina 1 In Adriatic Sea

M/F Ankara

The Turkish flagged motor ferry Ankara collided with a Turkish owned and Maltese flagged merchant ship M/V Reina 1 last night off the coast of Albania. The M/V Reina 1 was heavily damaged and sunk as the result of the collision.

M/F Ankara was used extensively during the evacuation of Turkish citizens from the Libya as this country submerged into a civil war in spring 2011. After returning to Turkey the ship was briefly overhauled and since then she was transporting vehicles and passengers between Bari, Italy and Durrës Albania.

The collision happened 20 miles off Durrës. While M/F Ankara was sailing toward Italy, the merchant ship M/V Reina 1 was heading north to Montenegro with 3000 tons of grain in her holds.

According to news reports the hull of M/V Reina 1 was damaged while the ferry sustain no major damage. The merchantmen sunk shortly after the collision. She had a crew of ten on board. 3 of them died and 5 are missing.

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