USS Philippine Sea In Georgia

USS Philippine Sea in Georgia. U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Gary Prill

The Ticonderoga class cruiser CG-58 USS Philippine Sea arrived in Batumi Georgia yesterday. The ship was in Istanbul between 11th and 14th October 2011.

The visit to Istanbul was more a liberty call than a working visit.

We are happy to have the chance to visit Istanbul,” said Philippine Sea’s Command Master Chief Scott Kircher. “This port provided us with an opportunity to meet with the Turkish people, and for the crew to experience the history and culture Turkey has to offer.”

The visit to Batumi will involve some joint exercises with the Georgian coast Guard.

Joint exercises of the U.S. cruiser and Georgian P-101 and P-102 coast guard patrol boats will be held on Tuesday,” the Georgian border police said in a statement.

After leaving Georgia, CG-58 USS Philippine Sea will sail to Ukraine and visit Sevastopol between 20th and 25th October.


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