TCG Büyükada Launched

F-512 TCG Büyükada.


Today the second ship of the Milgem class corvettes, F-512 TCG Büyükada was launched with a ceremony in Tuzla Naval Shipyard, Istanbul.

I wish her calm sea and following winds.

This is a short video I have made using time-lapse technique.

And this is a professional news quality video of the same event



8 Responses to TCG Büyükada Launched

  1. M Osmanoglu says:

    Does the TCG BUYUKADA have Mk-41 VLS and ESSM integration?

    • TCG Büyükada will have the same weapon and sensor configurations as TCG Heybeliada. Therefore there is no VLS installation planned for her

      • M Osmanoglu says:

        This is a mistake. The Turkish Navy should not assume that the Ada class corvettes will always operate under the umbrella of the Turkish Air Force or the limited area air defense capabilities of the G class frigates (ex-Oliver Hazard Perry class frigates) with 8 cell Mk-41 VLS and SM-1. The Turkish Naval command really needs to considered the retro-fitting of at least an 8 cell VLS. Do you know if there is provision for a VLS system at least in the design?

      • From the beginning it was decided that the Milgem ships would not have any large air defense systems. therefore it does not have any VLS and assorted systems, sensors, etc. But Turkish Navy plans to procure new air defense frigates which may end up being larger versions of the Milgem hull. In that case the ships will have VLS and necessary sensors.

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  3. serhan says:

    I think latter can be but not now. Roketsan is working on indigenious air defence missiles.I hope these missiles will be arranged for naval systems.Because our dependence is still going on for these highly important ammonutions.

  4. M Osmanoglu says:

    Considering that Turkey is now part of the NATO ABM shield, it is inevitable that Turkey will procure the SM-2 missile for the Tf-2000 class AAW frigate. The NATO shield consists of NATO ships armed with SM-2 missiles being stationed in the mediteranean and using data from the Turkish Radars. If the aforementioned eventuates then the Turkish Navy will still be dependant on the US and hence no real progress would have been achieved by the development of indegenous warships besides economic savings. ROKETSAN must really develop Anti-ship missiles and Area Air Defence systems.

  5. serhan says:

    American Aegis Frigates will use info of Malatya -Kürecik Radar installation which belong to American Tech Radars. They wont use Turkish radars for this mission. I wont believe this shield and Nato warany for using Nukes in case any member threatened by other country. If We take this threat because of our national interests. They wont protect us against this threat. USA doesnt give us a strategically weapon like that. We know important problems in the past. Like SOM We must wait for ultimate results with patient. Patient and working will be our best weapon and salvation from these situations.

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