SACEUR, Admiral Stavridis Is In Ankara

Adm Stavridis with LtG Gantz and Gen Özel

SACEUR, Adm. Stavridis arrived in Ankara today. He had meetings with General Özel, Cheif of Staff of Turkish Armed Forces, with Mr. Yılmaz, MoD Turkey, and Turkish MoFA delegates.

He was in Israel yesterday and the day before attending some meetings too.

When the most senior commander within NATO visits two countries that have a problem with each other, in a row then this means something to all parties. Yesterday the Greek PM Mr. Papandreou called the Turkish PM Mr. Erdoğan and according to the press reports they did talked about the latest situation in the East Mediterranean.
Guess what is Adm Stavridis talking to his peers in Tel Aviv and Ankara.

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