TCG Heybeliada on TV

The Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, the national public broadcaster of Turkey made a TV program about the first Milgem class corvette F-511 TCG Heybeliada.

The video is in Turkish and as it is almost 20 minutes long I was not able to translate the gist. But for the behalf of my non Turkish readers I can tell that everyone on the ship is very excited and proud of their achievements.

3 Responses to TCG Heybeliada on TV

  1. Mehmet Kale says:

    The most exciting part is the 3-D Air-Search radar design commitment of ASELSAN. I am willing to see the Turkish 3-D air search radar replacing the Thales SmartS Mk2 for the 3rd and later ships.

  2. Atilay kara says:

    Aselsan is not developing a 3D radar for this ship, they will be getting TechTransfer to develop Thales radars at Aselsan facilities. The man suggests an indigenous radar for the 3rd ship, but the female doesn’t confirm it nor denies it, she does say it is the target to develop such radars..

  3. Mehmet Kale says:

    I have also mentioned this to be on the 3rd and later ships. But she says the development of a 3-D radar is among the targets of ASELSAN. This shows they are committed.

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