Turkish Aid Ship In Somalia

M/V Burak A. in Mogadishu

Turkish merchant ship M/V Burak A. carrying 5.000 tons of humanitarian including 8 full equipped ambulances, 1 forklift, 5 jeeps, 6 generators, 500 tents, 5000 blankets and 4.500 tons of food and medical supplies arrived in Mogadishu .

The ship left Istanbul on 16th August and escorted by the frigate F-494 TCG Gediz all the way.  After escorting M/V Burak A.  away from dangerous waters the frigate will join the CTF-151.

On the same day a 213-member high-level delegation from Turkey completed a one-day visit to Mogadishu to learn the needs of Somalia and explore business opportunities in the country. It is the largest such delegation to Somalia since 1991.



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