USA Financially Assists Georgia To Build A New Naval Maintenance Facility

Ambassador John Bass and Minister of Internal Affairs Zaza Gogava. Photo: State Dept

According to well informed website, USA is giving at least 4 million USD to Georgia for the construction of a new naval maintenance facility.

Ambassador Bass and Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Zaza Gogava broke ground on a U.S.-funded Georgia Coast Guard ship maintenance facility near Poti harbor. Georgia Coast Guard ship maintenance facility estimated at $4 million is part of a $10 million package of assistance provided by the U.S. Export Control and Border Security​ (EXBS) program to the Georgian Government.

Ambassador Bass spoke about the significance of the U.S. assistance to Georgia in enhancing its border security. The U.S. aid comes at a time when Georgia’s coastal cities are experiencing a steady increase in maritime trade and tourism requiring increased Coast Guard patrols. The U.S. Government through the EXBS program helps the Georgian Coast Guard sustain its ability to quickly and efficiently respond to incidents at sea for the benefit and safety of Georgia’s citizens and international visitors. The assistance demonstrates the commitment of the U.S. to Georgia to help it enhance its security.

This not the first facility USA is helping Georgia to build. In 2010 a coastal  radar station was opened  in  Anaklia, Georgia. This station was last of the three radar stations funded and builds by USA through, US Army Corps of Engineers.

USA presence in Georgia and its back up to this country will certainly continue to irritate Russia furthermore.

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