TCG Oruçreis In Copenhagen

TCG Oruçreis in Copenhagen. Official Turkish Navy Photo.

While the waters in eastern Mediterrean is getting warmer the NATO’s second smallest naval task force SNMG-2 ended its visit in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The SNMG-2 consisting of the Turkish frigate F-245 TCG Oruçreis (flagship) and the Greek frigate F-464 HS Kanaris set sail from Copenhagen following a short summer dispersal, on Monday 05 September 2011.

According to NATO

After departure, the force starts conducting a serial of exercises. In the coming weeks the force will work up to NATO Response Force (NRF) validation.  Rear Admiral (LH) Sinan Azmi TOSUN said: “
After a refreshing break, it is good to be back. The force is motivated to go through an intense training period enabling NATO to combat security challenges at sea.”

Besides an intensive warfare training programme with other Allied and friendly navies, SNMG2 will be employed in Operation Active Endeavour, NATO’s counter terrorist operation in the Mediterranean. In this context, the force will support NATO’s cooperation programme, Mediterranean Dialogue, and conduct other activities to further strengthen the well-established relationships between NATO and its partners.

I am quite sure that the Danish people really appreciated the sacrifice done by Turkish and Greek navies by sending two frigates to protect their capital, at a time when the ships are needed for stand offs in Med.

Click here for a video of TCG Oruçreis in Danish capital.

2 Responses to TCG Oruçreis In Copenhagen

  1. Kerem says:

    What is the purpose of these task forces? Are these two ships simply traveling around and doing exercises?

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