HS Rodos And The BlackSeaFor Fleet Met In Varna

HS Rodos in Varna. Photo: Fox2Magazine Blog

According to the Greek defence blog Fox2magazine the Greek landing ship HS Rodos arrived in Varna, Bulgaria on 25th August 2011. She will be open to public visit on 26th and 27th 2011.

Interestingly, the fleet of the BlackSeafor also arrived in Varna for the last visit of the August 2011 activation. The ships left Trabzon, Turkey on 23th August and on their way to Varna they have performed numerous underway drills, such as control over surface situation, sailing in formations, tactical maneuvering, signaling and communications, observation over civil ships and airplanes, interception and search of a “violator” vessel, organization of air defense.

The activation of the BlackSeaFor will end on 29th August. It is not clear when HS Rodos will return from the Black Sea.

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