TCG Gediz Escorts Turkish Aid Ship To Mogadishu

The Mk-41 on TCG Gediz.

The first MK-41 VLs equipped Gabya (Perry) class frigate F-495 TCG Gediz is on her way to Gulf Of Aden.

In 2009 it was announced that four of the eight Gabya class frigates in Turkish inventory would receive a 8 cell Mk-41 VLS for ESSM and a new 3D radar for improved observation and fire control capabilities. This upgrade is similar to the modernization project conducted by Royal Australian Navy known as Project SEA 1390 or FFG UP.

Thales Smart S Mk-2 is selected as the new 3D radar, but it is not installed on the frigate.  This will be the first overseas deployment for TCG Gediz after her modernization. She will join CTF-151 and will conduct anti piracy operations.

M/V Burak A. Photo: Ulf Kornfeld via

But before joining the CTF-151 she will escort the Turkish flagged merchantman M/V Burak A till port of Mogadishu. M/V Burak A left Istanbul on 19th August 2011 and is carrying 5.000 tons of humanitarian aid for Somali. Among the cargo are 8 full equipped ambulances, 1 forklift, 5 jeeps, 6 generators, 500 tents, 5000 blankets and 4.500 tons of food and medical supplies.

TCG Gediz will escort M/V Burak A, to Mogadishu port and will provide security during the unloading of the humanitarian aid. After escorting the merchant ship away from dangerous waters she will join the CTF-151.

It was not made public how long the frigate will stay in Gulf of Aden but by judging older deployments to the region I assume it will not shorter than 3 months.

Currently both ships are in the Mediterranean, heading to Port Said.


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