Port Visits

CG-61 USS Monterey in Kuşadası.

The Ticonderoga class cruiser of US Navy, CG-61 USS Monterey arrived in Kuşadası, Aydın for a 3 day port visit.

USS Monterey is one of the BMD able ships of the US navy. Her cruise to the Black Sea two months ago,  a short time after Russia and NATO have failed to agree on forms of cooperation on the missile shield in Europe, caused protests from Russia.

USS Monterey will leave Kuşadası on 23rd August Monday.Kuşadası is one of the popular R&R destinations of US Navy. Another BMD capable US Navy cruiser USS Vella Gulf made a port visit in Kuşadası last year.

L-177 HS Rodos in Odessa.

On a separate occasion, the Greek tank landing ship L-177 HS Rodos is in Odessa, Ukraine for a 4 day port visit.  The Jason class ship can carry 300 troops and 4 LCVP’s.

According to the Ukrainian Mod website the Greek sailors at Odessa will conduct a number of different activities aimed at developing and maintaining close relations between the two countries.

The the crew of the Greek ship will, laying flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Sailor, and attend a series of protocol meetings with leaders of regional and city authorities and officials of the military administration of the local garrison.

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