BlackSeaFor in Trabzon

The commanders of BlackSeaFor ships visit the governor of Trabzon.

The ships of the BlackSeaFor arrived in Trabzon for a four day port visit.

This is the first visit of the BlackSeaFor fleet to Trabzon in its 10 years existence. The next scheduled stop for the fleet is Varna, Bulgaria.

During the weekend the ships will be open for the public.

The visit of BlackSeaFor to Trabzon is noteworthy as there is a plan to develop a naval base in Trabzon. In 2009, the Chief of General Staff of that period, General Başbuğ mentioned about building a naval base in Trabzon, during his visit to this town.

The idea of establishing a naval presence in Trabzon was first discussed in public in March 2009. According to YeniÇağ newspaper General Başbuğ mentioned the increasing importance of Trabzon harbor and the need of establishing a permanent naval presence in this town. Nothing about this subject was discussed since in public.

The visit of The BlackSeaFor to Trabzon could be just another step into creating Trabzon as the next naval base in the Black Sea.

Following ships are taking part to this activation of BlackSeaFor:

F-243 TCG Yıldırım Frigate Turkey
63 BGS Priboy Minesweeper Bulgaria
264 ROS E. Sebastian Corvette Romania
158 RFS Tsezar Kunikovl Landing Ship Russia
U-311 UPS Cherkasy Minesweeper Ukraine
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