Admiral Bilgel, The New Commander Of Turkish Navy

Admiral Murat Bilgel is the new commander of Turkish Navy. According to the traditions of Turkish Navy, the Commander of the Fleet is the first in line of succession for the top command post. Thus the promotion of Admiral Bilgel from the Commander of the Fleet to the Commander of Turkish Navy was no surprise.

The former commander Admiral Yiğit was to retire this August due to his age. The timing of the promotion of Admiral Bilgel was also expected.

As the change of the top command post of Turkish Navy happened in accordance with the established rules and traditions why did Admiral Yiğit asked for his early retirement along with the Chief of General Staff and commander of Army and Air force just two days before the meetings of Turkey’s Supreme Military Council (YAŞ)?

Those retirements / resignations were a gambit as we can now see. The commander of Navy, Army and Air force were to be retired because of age restrictions anyway. Only, General Koşaner had one more year to command.

But by asking for and early retirement in a resignations style the military was able to put some pressure on the politicians and gained an important concession during the meetings of Supreme Military Council.

According to the Personnel Law of the Turkish Armed Forces an active officer who is on a trial, cannot be promoted to a higher rank before the case has ended. It means that all the active duty officers now under arrest will not get any promotions before their cases have ended. If this rule had been applied most of the generals and admirals on Balyoz, Ergenekon and similar cases were to be retired as they cannot get any promotions and their waiting period is over.

The concession the military got from the politicians is a grace period of one year for the officers in prison. If their trials are finished within one year and they are declared not guilty then these officers can continue with their military careers and Turkish Armed Forces would not lose several good educated, professional and intelligent officers.

We have to wait for one year if the gambit of the military was worth it or not. In the meantime story weather is awaiting Admiral Bilgel on his home front.

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