New Submarines For The Russian Black Sea Fleet! Again?

The Russian news portal RiaNovosti reports that the Russian Black Sea Fleet will receive 6 new submarines in the next few years.

Navy Commander Adm. Vladimir Vysotsky said in an exclusive interview with RIA Novosti that six diesel-electric submarines of Kilo class (Project 636) will be built for the Black Sea Fleet in the next few years and the construction of three Kilo class submarines for the Black Sea Fleet had already started and one more would be laid down every year starting in 2010.

The fleet would receive a total of 15 new frigates and diesel-electric submarines by 2020, he said in July 2010.

I have expressed my personal opinion of the news about the rejuvenation of the BSF previously herehere, and here. Last year it was reported by RiaNovosti that six Lada (Project 677) would be build for the BSF. Now they have morphed into Kilo class submarines. It was also reported that at least 15 new frigates were needed so that BSF would stay above the water.

The Russians are far more successful in fabricating stories about their fleets than fabrication actual warships.

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