Turkish Navy And RAN Conducted Exercise Scimitar Exocet

The Australian frigate HMAS Toowoomba conducted Exercise Scimitar Exocet with Turkish warships TCG Barbaros and TCG Yarbay Kudret Gungor before the Turkish ships stopped in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for a port visit.

The exercise was conducted in the Bab Al Mandeb Strait when the Turkish ships were returning to the Red Sea after completed their anti piracy patrols.  Exercise Scimitar Exocet was conducted between the 22nd and 23rd of July 2011 in the vicinity of the Gulf of Aden and involved Toowoomba, two Turkish Navy vessels and French Mirage fighter aircraft. Commanding Officer of HMAS Toowoomba, Commander Andrew Quinn, said the exercise proved the Royal Australian Navy’s interoperability with the Turkish Navy against an air-borne attack exercise.

TCG Barbaros and  HMAS Toowoomba are both MEKO 200 design of German shipyard Blohm and Voss. Both ships have a similar armaments.

Photos: Official RAN photos.

2 Responses to Turkish Navy And RAN Conducted Exercise Scimitar Exocet

  1. The Turkish ship seems to have deserved a good rest!

  2. Indeed they all deserve a good rest.

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