The Lamest NATO Fleet Ever?

One of the NATO’s standing naval forces was in Istanbul last week. According to NATO:

The Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 is a multinational, integrated maritime force – made up of vessels from various allied nations, training and operating together as a single team. The Group is permanently available to NATO to perform a wide range of tasks, from participating in exercises to crisis response and real world operational missions. Usually the Force is employed in the Mediterranean area but, as required, will be available anywhere NATO requires it to deploy to.

So I went out to take the photos of the warships. One of he photos is below:

Well do not look for other ships as this photo shows the whole SNMG-2 as is. The Turkish frigate must be here because Turkey has the command of the SNMG-2 and therefore supplies a frigate with flag and command facilities.  The Greeks must be there too. Staying loyal to the old saying “I keep my friends close, my enemies closer”, Greece wants to be in when their archenemy has taken the command of one the major naval groups so that they can prevent Turkey doing something against them.

So these two nations do not have any excuses. I know that many NATO navies are trying hard to save the pennies to survive the year and have commitments elsewhere like off the coast of Somalia or off the coast of Libya. But how about the rest? In the good old days when SNMG-2 or its successor STANAVFORMED was in town there were warships all over the place. US, British, Italian, French sometimes even Canadian or German warships would be here.  Where are they now?

Are the large economies and rooted democracies of NATO are in a so desperate status that they cannot spare a warship for SNMG-2?

Such naval groups or task forces are not only an instrument of war but also an instrument of politics and diplomacy. What is the message (I assume there is one) NATO is trying to give to its members and non-members in this part of the world by making up a naval group consisting of just two warships? This is just sad.

2 Responses to The Lamest NATO Fleet Ever?

  1. Not the lamest, SNMG 1 is even worse ! ONLY 1 SHIP !!!

    ITS Andrea Doria (Flagship) – Italian

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for this information. The Adrea Doria is a large modern, and capable air defense destroyer. I would compare the combined strength of the Turkish Meko 2000 and Greek Standart class frigates to the Adrea Doria as the latter has newer sensors and combat management systems and infrastructure.

    So for me it is a tie between SNMG-1 and SNMG-2

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