Russian Reactions To USS Monterey

Dr. Dmitry Gorenburg of Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies has written his thoughts about the Russian reactions to the Black Sea trip of CG-61 USS Monterey. He has also written an assessment for the BlackSeaFor for this blog.

As I see it, the reason for the controversy is because the Russian side believes that they were promised that the U.S. would not send Aegis cruisers to the Black Sea unless there was some kind of imminent threat. Obviously that wasn’t the case here, so they think this is another case of promises broken, something they’re very sensitive about because of their perceptions of how NATO enlargement went down.

The Monterey has been officially designated as part of phase one of the European missile defense shield. It is normally stationed in the Mediterranean as a missile defense ship. So it wasn’t irrational for Russia to connect its arrival in the Black Sea with missile defense issues.

I have enjoyed reading this comments about the row between Russia and USA. Click here to read the whole text.

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