USS Monterey in Bathumi

On Monday, 20 June 2011, the Ticonderoga class US Navy cruiser CG-61 USS Monterey will visit the Georgian port Batumi.

The US cruisers arrival in Georgia will come less than two weeks after another U.S.  cruiser, USS Anzio, visited the port of Batumi on June 9-12 for a joint damage control exercises with the Georgian coast guard.

At the moment the USS Monterey  in Odessa Ukraine to take part in multinational military exercises, Sea Breeze 2011, co-hosted by Ukraine and the U.S. Today is the last day of this exercise.

Azerbaijan, Algeria, Belgium, Denmark, Georgia, Germany, Macedonia, Moldova, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, the UK and the U.S. took part in the exercises held from June 6 to June 18. Organizers said the training agenda included counter-piracy operations; non-combatant evacuation operations, as well as board, search and seizure training.

CG-68 USS Anzio left Black Sea by passing through Turkish Straits on 14 June 2010.

The other US Navy warship in the Black Sea is the salvage ship T-ARS 51 USS Grasp. She is in Odessa, Ukraine to take part in the naval exercise Sea Breeze 2011.

Usually the Russians are sensitive about US naval visits to Georgia since their conflict in 2008. Last week, the presence of the USS Monterey caused a salvo from Russia after the talks between Russia and NATO about the missile shield failed. Let’s wait and see if the visit of this warship in Georgia will cause a second salvo of protest from Russia.

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  1. Jolie Volker says:

    Thank You for imformation on the USS Monterey my daughter is on that ship and i don’t hear from her that much its good to be able to now whats going on, thanks again.

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