Turkish Naval Task Force Repulsed A Pirate Attack

TCG Barbaros in vicinity of M/V Emperor. Official Turkish Navy Photo

The Turkish Naval Task Force is currently in the Red Sea.  One of the main task given to this fleet was to patrol the pirate infested waters and provide escort for merchant convoys inside the IRTC.

On 6 June 2011, when pirates attacked the Liberia flagged  M/V Emperor on her way to Bab El Mandeb Strait, Turkish Navy intervened.

F-244 TCG Barbaros was the closest warship to the merchantman when the attack occurred. Upon receiving the distress call from M/V Emperor, TCG Barbaros dashed to the scene.  The pirates ceased their attack and retreated.

The other two frigates of the Task Force, TCG Gemlik and TCG Gelibolu have started to escort convoys inside the IRTC.

TCG Barbaros is a German designed and built MEKO 200 TN  class frigate. TCG Gemlik and TCG Gelibolu are US Made Perry class frigates.

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