Turkish Navy Task Force Departed For Indian Ocean

On 30 May the Turkish Naval Task Force left Aksaz Naval Base in Marmaris for a 70 day deployment in the Indian Ocean.
The task force is composed of F-244 TCG Barbaros as flagship, F-492 TCG Gemlik, F-493 TCG Gelibolu and A-595 TCG Yarbay Kudret Güngör. Another Turkish frigate F-491 TCG Giresun is already in the region as part of NATO’s SNMG-2 Task Group but she will not take part in the national task force.

During their deployment the task force will provide security for 8 convoys in the IRTC and patrol some troubled waters. Furthermore the task force will visit 8 cities in 8 countries. The task force will conduct low-key naval exercises such as PASSEX with their host navies.

The commander of the task force is Rear Admiral Sinan Ertuğrul. He is not a stranger to the region. He was at the helm of the CTF-151 for 3 months in 2010. This will be his second task force command in the same region.

In 2010 Turkish Navy announced that it has created a temporary task force with the aim of promoting peace and international security through maritime security, creating situational awareness, showing the flag and maintaining maritime presence in areas of interest, executing exercises and training with countries in the region, performing port visit to improve bilateral relations. Last years task force sailed through the Mediterranean.

You can read my posts on the previous Turkish Navy Task Force here.

The schedule for this years seems to be a busy one:

30/05/11 Departure Aksaz All
06/06/11 Convoy Protection (Eastward) Golf of Aden 2 Frigates
08/06/11 Convoy Protection (Westward) Golf of Aden 2 Frigates
08/06/11 Patrol (7 Days) Golf of Aden 1 Frigate 1 Tanker
10/06/11 Convoy Protection (Eastward) Golf of Aden 2 Frigates
12/06/11 Convoy Protection (Westward) Golf of Aden 2 Frigates
14/06/11 Convoy Protection (Eastward) Golf of Aden 2 Frigates
19/06/11 Port visit Muscat All
22/06/11 Replenishment Abu Dhabi 1 Frigate 1 Tanker
23/06/11 Port visit Doha All
01/07/11 Port visit Karachi All
07/07/11 Port visit Mumbai All
15/07/11 Convoy Protection (Westward) Golf of Aden 2 Frigates 1 Tanker
17/07/11 Convoy Protection (Eastward) Golf of Aden 2 Frigates 1 Tanker
19/07/11 Convoy Protection (Westward) Golf of Aden 2 Frigates 1 Tanker
21/07/11 Patrol (4 Days) Al Hudeyde 1 Frigate
21/07/11 Patrol (5 Days) Aqaba 1 Frigate
26/07/11 Port visit Al Hudeyde 1 Frigate
26/07/11 Port visit Jeddah 1 Frigate 1 Tanker
29/07/11 Port visit Aqaba 1 Frigate
02/08/11 Operation Active Endevour Mediterrean All
08/08/11 Arrival Aksaz All

3 Responses to Turkish Navy Task Force Departed For Indian Ocean

  1. Mehmet Kale says:

    Turkish Navy calls these formations as Task Groups and it is better to use the term group. Usually task forces are formed by the combination of task groups and a task group consists of task units. Here frigates are one task unit whereas the oiler is the other unit.

    Task Group 2010 was formed by F240, F247, F490, F491, A580
    Task Group 2010 is formed by F244, F492, F493, A595

    The Perries which were committed in these task groups are the first 4 member of the Turkish Perry inventory. As you may remember, I strongly oppose having 2-D air search radars on these 4 Perries and I mentioned an idea of installing the dismantled AWS-9 radars on these ships when the F244,F245,F246,F247 gets their Smart-S Mk2.

    The overseas patrol tasks showed us the importance of big ships. 1 Month ranged Heybeliada light frigates are very suitable for convoy escorts; Hovever, for high seas patrol missions that can take more than 2 months, we need bigger frigates like Perries. Thus, we have to get whatever we can from our 8 Perries*.

    I have encountered many news that Smart-S Mk-2 radars will be installed on Mk41 VLS (and ESSM) capable ships: F244,F245,F246,F247,F494,F495,F496,F497. So I got my answer on this issue. But do you have an installation timetable? Whe will they have their Smart-S Mk2?

    Are there any news on the installation of VLS launchers on F244 and F245? F244 will return port at the end of August. We, gray ship lovers are restless. And still I can not find any news about how many cells will F244 and F245’s VLS launchers have.

    F495-F497 will have 8 cells. F246,F247 currently have 16 cells. Do not have any idea about F244, F245. In your beautiful website, we have seen that installations of VLS launchers on Perries have been commenced. F244 is going to India with the task group. But there is silence about F245. Is there a chance F245 getting her VLS launchers in these days?

    *At the end I have to mention that Turkish Navy AAW requirements suggests we need Cruiser/Destroyer sized ships. The increase of the 3rd world country populations will make Indian Ocean far more dangerous in the future.

    • Hi Mehmet,

      Sorry for my late answer. AFAIK the installation of the Smart 2 radars will start when F-497 receives its Mk41 and GENESIS upgrade and the radars will be retrofitted the to other ships. I have no idea when the MEKO’s are going to get their MK 41’s. But my guess is it will happen after the modernization of the Perry’s.

      I totally agree with you overseas operations needs bigger ships with long endurance and a comfortable habitat for the crew.

      Although I cannot reply the immediately I appreciate you comments. Thank you for contributing.

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