Greek Submarine Glavkos To Be Decommissioned

S-110 HS Glavkos

According to Greek newspaper Democracy, on 9 June 2011, the first Type 209 submarine of Greek Navy S-110 HS Glavkos will be retried after 40 years of service.

This submarine was also the first  Type 209 submarine ever constructed. Totally 57 Type 209 submarines were constructed for 11 different nations, making the Type 209 one of most successful diesel-electric submarine design since World War 2.

HS Glavkos received a mid-life modernization between 1989 and 1997 and was able to fire UGM-84D Sub Harpoon.

This decommissioning was expected as in March it was announced that Greece was to decommission a submarine and  3 Votsis (La Combattante II) class fast attack craft in order to save on equipment and personnel costs.

The Greek Navy did not made any public declarations about when the Votsis class boats will be retired.

Photo: From Strategy Report.


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