Denizkurdu 2011 Naval Exercise Cancelled

Turkish General Staff announced today that Denizkurdu-2011 and Efes-2011 military exercise were cancelled.

The very short, one sentence statement informed that there would be no Press Day for the exercises as they were canceled.

As there are no further information available speculations grow ripe.

The biannual Deniz Kurdu 2011 naval exercise started on 16 May and was supposed to end tomorrow. Marmara Sea, Aegean and Mediterranean are the exercise areas. The exact list of the participating units was never made public but I was able to identify the following ships from various news: TCG Yıldırım, TCG Oruçreis, TCG İmbat, TCG Zıpkın, TCG Taşkızak, TCG Albay Hakkı Burak.

Efes 2011 exercise organized by Turkish Army started on 3 May and was supposed to continue till 29 May. This exercise usually includes an amphibious landing training in the Doğanbey/Seferihisar region, in order to strengthen the joint operations between navy, army and air force.

Both exercises had only a few days left thus the cancellation will not have an adverse effect about the training levels of the armed forces.

I guess we will have more information in a few days, but this is a very odd move from Turkish General Staff.

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