Russians Teach Ukrainians How To Escape From A Sunken Submarine

According to blog RusNavy Intelligence, Russian and Ukrainian navies conducted a submarine evacuation exercise together. Since Viktor Yanukovych’s election as Ukraine president, the cooperation between Russian and Ukrainian navies has grown considerably. Russia is actively helping Ukraine to maintain and renovate its only submarine U01 Zaporizya.

The Foxtrot (Project 641) class Zaporizya is the only submarine in Ukrainian inventory.  She is undergoing a large scaled overhaul since February 2010. The aim of Ukrainian Navy is to have her ready for duty by the end of this month.

The timing of this exercise is interesting as it is coincident with the larger exercise of similar aim Bold Monarch, organised by NATO. The only Russian submarine in Black Sea Alrosa, is participating to NATO’s exercise off the coast of Spain.

3 Responses to Russians Teach Ukrainians How To Escape From A Sunken Submarine

  1. Given the age and condition of the submarines in question, we can safely expect more exercises like this in the near future.

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