19 Mayıs

Today I wish to make an exception and write in my native language. I am sorry if this is an inconvenience for my non Turkish readers.

Bugün 19 Mayıs. Mustafa Kemal Paşa’nın Samsun’da kurtuluş mücadelesine başlamasının yıldönümü. Ekteki yazı ulusal bağımsızlığın tek bir boyutu olmadığını politik, ekonomik, askeri hatta hukuki katmanlardan oluştuğunu bir kere daha hatırlatıyor.

19 Mayıs’ınız kutlu olsun.

Tümamiral Cem GÜRDENİZ’in Balyoz Davasındaki savunmasını okumak için tıklayın.

3 Responses to 19 Mayıs

  1. Johannes Leitner says:

    Another reason to start learning turkish!

  2. Mehmet Kale says:

    Have you heard/read retired airforce major-general Sirin Unal’s comments about Sledgehammer trials? As you may know, Sirin Unal is a representative candidate from the Justice and Development Party (JDP-AKP in Turkish). After reading his comments (especially his sycophant remark about Tayyip Erdogan by calling him a world leader) I realized the alarming level the schism inside the Turkish Armed Forces reached.

    Unlike many people, I believe former chief of staff Hilmi Ozkok to be a good guy who wanted to transform Turkish Staff Corps into modern officers of a democratic country and I do not think he is related to a religious order. My thoughts are based on his remarks about the republican gatherings of 2007 where he called these meetings wonderful. He was not fond of a religion oriented party to govern Turkey but he wanted the deposition of this party must be inside the boundaries of democracy. In my opinion Sirin Unal is related to Hilmi Ozkok and anti-Ozkok officers drove him to AKP. Moreover, it is a high possibility that Sirin Unal is one of the insiders who supply the documents of this trials.

    Anyway, too many mistakes have been made. Turkish Armed Forces will not react to these charges and stay idle. 12 June elections will show us how these trials will go on. It is almost definite that AKP will obtain more than 276 representatives which makes them to get the government alone. However, if they fall below 330 representatives which will forbade them to go for a plebiscite for constitutional changes. In this case, for constitutional changes, they may try to bribe dissenter parties’ (Republican People’s Party-CHP and Nationalist People’s Movement-MHP) by ending this witchhunt.

    Yes it is definite, AKP will govern Turkey for another 4 years. But how many seats will they have in the parliement? That will change the process of these trials.

    Also, one more remark must be made for Turkish Armed Forces. I hope in the future, they will be more careful. If they have to fight an opponent, they must pick the opponent they can defeat. A political figure who got 1/2 of the Turkish votes is not a wisely chosen opponent.

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