HDW Pulls Out Of Greek Submarine Contract

HS Papanikolis, in Kiel at her builder in 2009

In a written statement by Hellenic Ministry of Defence, it was announced that the German shipyard HDW requested the termination of its subcontract, concerning the construction of two new Class 214 submarines for the Hellenic Navy.

The Ministry was quick to add that “This development is not related to acts or omissions by the Greek government”, which translates into English as “This did not happen because we failed to pay them”

According to the ministry, serious disagreements that have arisen between HSY’s present ownership (Privinvest Shipbuilding/Abu Dhabi Mar) and ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems/HDW, concerning about the wider cooperation between those two parties in Germany was the reason for HDW’s request.

I appreicate the efforts of the Hellenic Ministry of Defence, to make thing look better than they are but if HDW / TKMS and  ADM are having problems, this could have a far-reaching effects.

The Hellenic Shipyard (HSY) is the main contractor of the contract signed between Greek government, HSY and HDW for the production of two additional Type 214 submarines in HSY. Until last year, HSY was a fully owned subsidiary of HDW. HDW is a part of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems. Last year during a large restructuring and refinancing effort, TKMS sold its %75,1 of HSY and %80 of Blohm And Voss to ADM.

From each and every perspective the latest development is not a good sign for the cursed Archimedes and Neptune Programs and could very well mean the end of the Greek desire of procuring two more Type 214’s. Then as it is, HSY is not capable to produce the extra submarines by itself alone and absolutely needs HDW support in form of know-how and material packages.

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