Turkish Aid Ship Shelled In Misrata Port

Yesterday a Turkish flagged merchant ship carrying humanitarian aid docked at Misrata port. But as soon as the ship was in harbor forces royal to Ghaddafi  started to shell the port. The ship was able to get underway and leave the port undamaged.

According to Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (IHH) – yes, the same IHH that send the M/V Mavi Marmara to Gaza last year – the ship was charted by them to carry humanitarian aid to Misrata. The ship was waiting the last four days off the coast of Misrata as the NATO forces were countering the sea mines placed by Ghaddafi forces to block the port and its approaches.

As soon as the aid ship proceeded into the harbor and docked several Grad rockets were fired and some fell as close as 10 meters. The captain decided not to risk his ship and made a dash out of the port so quickly that the mooring lines were cut in hurry.

There is a video from Channel 4 News showing the aid ship getting out of the port.  The ship is safe and waiting 25 miles off the coast of Misrata now.

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