Navantia Is Sending Its Most Impressive Sales Rep To Turkey

SPS Juan Carlos 1 soon in Turkey. Photo: Pietje96 via Wikipedia

In 2006 , The Commander of  Turkish Naval Forces Admiral Yener Karahanoğlu, laid down the long terms amphibious ship acquisition goals for Turkish Navy:

• One LPD
• Two LST’s
• 8 fast LCT’s
• 27 AAV/AAAV’s

According to this road map in 2007,  Ministry of Defence’s Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (UDI), submitted a RfP for 8 LCT’s. From the four companies that bid, ADİK shipyard was chosen. On June 2009, a contract was signed between UDI and ADİK for the production of 8 ships. The exact value of the contract was not made public but it is estimated to be around 100 million EUR. The first ship Ç-151 was launched on 2 October 2010. Her sea trials are continuing. The second ship Ç-152was launched on March 2011.

First of the new LCT class: Ç-151 Photo: Turgay Köken

For the LST’s UDI submitted a RFP on May 2008. On 6 January 2010 again ADİK shipyard was declared as the winner of the bid. UDI is in contract negations with this company.The signing of the contact is expected in May during IDEF 11 defence fair.

For the biggest amphibious acquisition project, a Request For Information was submitted by UDI for the LPD in 2007.  The RFP was published in February 2010. The last day to submit the bids is 16 May 2011.

The Spanish shipbuilder Navantia has been interested in Turkish shipbuilding projects for a long time. This May the company is going to have a high visibility in Turkey. First there is the IDEF’11, 10th International Defence Industry Fair between 10 and 13 May. Then by 16th May the company is going to submit its bid for the ongoing LPD acquisition project.

Apparently the Spanish company wants to make a big impression on the Turkish Navy and UDI. Therefore the largest Spanish Naval ship built by Navantia the LHD, L-61 SPS Juan Carlos 1 will visit Turkey between 30 May and 3 June.

According to Spanish newspaper La Voz De Galicia:

Spanish shipyard is confident that the possibility offered to the Turkish Navy as well as government leaders to visit the boat and check their characteristics and performances is a distinct advantage over its competitors.

A LHD, of Juan Carlos 1‘s dimensions is not what Turkish Navy wants to have right now. Therefore I expect Navantia to submit a design, based on a modified Galicia class for the LPD bid. But Navantia is giving out an obvious signal that they are taking this project very serious. If Navantia wins the bid it would be the first Spanish warship bought by Turkish Navy since 1936.

3 Responses to Navantia Is Sending Its Most Impressive Sales Rep To Turkey

  1. Mehmet Kale says:

    Probably, we refrain from using the phrase “Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD)” in order not to alarm close proximity countries like Greece. But lets not confuse the facts, our project has become an LHD project. This was a wise decision since the first LPD project (10000-13000 ton LPDs) was insufficient. In order to project a sufficient force in the amphibi operations, our platform must include 8+ attack/utility helicopters, a battalion of marines, 30-41 main battle tanks, the amphibious armoured personel carriers listed in the UDI’ s project page and so on.

    I hope our officials will procure a platform that can project a battalion of marine infantry supported by a tank battalion and from what I understood from Navantia officials, they are indeed proposing the Juan Carlos I class LHD.

    • The classification of warships these days is more a political issue rather than a technical one. Are Japanese Hyuga’s really destroyers?

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