M/F Ankara Returned To Turkey

The position of M/F Ankara on 26 April 2011 @08:20 local time

The missing Turkish ferry M/F Ankara returned to Çeşme, İzmir. The ship of course was never missing officialy but she was not seen or reported for the last couple of days.

M/F Ankara is a civilian ferry. She was used in the evacuation of civilians from Libya in March with her sisters M/F Samsun and TCG İskenderun.

In early April she was used as a make shift hospital ship to evacuate ca. 300 wounded Libyans from Misrata and Benghazi.  Later she returned to Benghazi to evacuate 1025 Egyptian from the town.

She was later seen of AIS, heading back to Libya. Then she was off the coverage of AIS system only to emerge today. Apparently there was no use for her in Libya or she will pick up some supplies to be delivered to Libya.

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