TCG Karaburun Entered Into Service

TCG Tuzla, the first ship of her class, sister of TCG Karaburun.

The second boat of the New Type Patrol Boat, P-1201 TCG Karaburun was handed over to Turkish Navy on 20 April, 2010 Wednesday 19 April 2011.

This is a temporary commissioning as the warranty period of the shipyard is still valid. The boat will be handed over to Turkish Navy permanently after the expiration of the warranty period.

These patrol boats will replace 16 old patrol boats Turkish Navy is currently using. These new boats  have a  40mm gun, 2 STAMP stabilized remote controlled machine gun platforms with one 12,7mm machine gun each and a ASW mortar as main weapons.

The main duty of these boats is to protect important harbors, perform coastal patrol and ASW missions.

In May 2007, Dearsan Shipyard was awarded with the 550 million USD contract by with SSM. The shipyard’s in-house naval design team developed the boats. This is the first ship building programme of this size, where warships for Turkisy Navy are being built in a private shipyard.

About 70 per cent of the programme is local content, including: Aselsan built stabilized remote controlled machine gun platforms, FLIR, anti-submarine rocket launcher, Roketsan built ASW rockets, Havelsan built navigation, communications, command-and-control and weapon systems and Yaltes built operator consoles and tactical bridge display units.

Turkmenistan is the first international customer for these boats. In February it was announced that two of these boats will be built in a shipyard on the Caspian Sea for Turkmenistan. The construction will be supported by Dearsan and material packages from Turkey.

I wish P-1201 TCG Karaburun, following seas and friendly winds.

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  1. selim says:

    Dear Moderator,
    Pls correct below mentioned items your web site;
    a. delivery date of TCG KARABURUN shall be on 19 April 2011 instead of 20 April, 2010
    b. board number shall be P-1201 instead of P-1020


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