BlackSeaFor Fleet in Sevastopol

The BlackSeaFor fleet arrived at the Ukrainian port Sevastopol for a port visit.  After spending 5 days in Istanbul with festivities to celebrate the 10. anniversary of the BlackSeaFor, the fleet then moved to the Black Sea.

En route from Istanbul to Sevastopol, the BLACKSEAFOR ships had conducted several joint exercises. In particular, they worked out the issues of navigation control and the detection of suspicious vessels, search and rescue at sea, and joint maneuvers.

After a three-day stop in Sevastopol, the ships will leave for the port of Novorossiysk, Russia.

The ships will be open for visit.

The Commander of Ukrainian Navy Admiral Viktor Maksimov, welcomed the BlackSeaFor and  noted with satisfaction that such meetings has increased

I am very pleased that the Black Sea region has such an agreement, and activation occur operative connection. I think that “Blackseafor” should continue, perhaps some of the elements necessary to build, in particular, more attention to the search and rescue aspect. I am sure we will constantly improve our cooperation, which will be useful and interesting for all member countries of the Agreement, – the Admiral Viktor Maksimov.

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