Ay Class Submarines Modernization Contract Signed

In March 2010, a modernization project for the Ay class has emerged. Ay (Type 209/1200) class submarines are the oldest boats now in service. The oldest one was commissioned 34 and the newest one 20 years ago.

According to the plan the newest two boats, S-351 TCG Doğanay and S-352 TCG Dolunay were to receive an extensive modernization. The periscope, ESM / ECM and communication system of the existing boats would be upgraded. In order to keep costs down a modern purpose-built Underwater Command and Control System integration was not planned. These old boats are going to get some might punch though. It is planned to modify four of the torpedo tubes so that they can use Mk48 ADCAP Mod6 AT heavy weight torpedoes.

In December 2010, the Defense Industry Executive Committee (SSIK) decided to start contract negotiations with STM for the upgrade of Type 209 Atılay class submarines.

On 31 March 2011, the contact about the modernization of Ay class submarines was signed between STM and Undersecretariat for Defence Industries. The contract covers the replacement of existing Kollmorgen the periscopes with Zeiss periscopes either SERO 400 or OMS 100. Furthermore  a new inertial navigation system from Raytheon and an ESM system from Aselsan, ARES-2N will replace the existing ones. The representatives of the subcontractors were also at the contract signing ceremony.

The most noticeable omission in the contract is the modification of torpedo tubes to receive the Mk48 ADCAP  torpedoes. I am not sure why this was not included in the contract. It could be a cost saving measure or maybe using the newest torpedoes from the oldest submarines was considered unnecessary.

The modernization of S-351 TCG Doğanay and S-352 TCG Dolunay will be conducted in Gölcük Naval Shipyard and will last 48 months.

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