Ukraine Completes Its Evacuation From Libya

Exactly at midnight of 23th March 2011, the Ukrainian Ropucha 1 class landing ship U-402 Konstantin Olshansky, departed  from  Sevastopol to conduct Non-Combatant Evacuation of Ukrainian citizens trapped in Libya.

She has passed through Bosphorus on 24 March 2011 early in the morning and left Turkish territorial waters late at night. She spent a few days off the coast of Libya, while diplomatic arrangements for the evacuation being done.

She docked in Tripoli on 3. April and picked up 210 evacuees. 129 are Ukrainian citizens and 81 are from Belarus, Libya, U.S., UK, Russia, Serbia , Moldova, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Romania , Malta, Slovakia, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Italy and Tajikistan.

Currently she is heading to Malta.

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