List Of Warships Taking Part In Operation Unified Protector

NATO has published the names of the warships taking part in the arms embargo against Libya, as called for in UN Security Council Resolution 1973.

On left is the screen shot from NATO website showing the photos of the participating ships. The regular readers of this blog will find the two photos I have marked very very familiar.

The photos of the Turkish warships are directly linked to this blog.


The list of the participating ships is below:

A-5326 ITS Etna Tanker Italy
C-551 ITS Garibaldi Carrier Italy
F-572 ITS Libeccio Frigate Italy
P-492 ITS C. Bettica OPV Italy
F-339 HMCS Charlottetown Frigate Canada
F-85 HMS Cumberland Frigate UK
F-451 HS Limnos Frigate Greece
F-104 ESPS Mendez Nunez Frigate (!) Spain
F-490 TCG Gaziantep Frigate Turkey
F-492 TCG Gemlik Frigate Turkey
F-493 TCG Gelibolu Frigate Turkey
F-243 TCG Yıldırım Frigate Turkey
A-590 TCG Akar Tanker Turkey
M-853 HMNLS Haarlem Minehunter Netherlands
M-923 BNS Narcis Minehunter Belgium
S-358 TCG Çanakkale Submarine Turkey
S-74 ESPS Tramontana Submarine Spain
Bosphorus Naval News

3 Responses to List Of Warships Taking Part In Operation Unified Protector

  1. NAVY JACK says:

    Well, even the NATO is linking to your website!!!

    If you access the above mentioned website and click on one of the photos of the Turkish ships, you´ll be directed to the data base of “Bosphorus Naval News” !!!

  2. Saturn5 says:

    Hi Navy Jack!

    Yes you are right. Even the NATO is linking to my website! Thanks you your support.

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