>The Blocking Of The Blogger

>As you might know since the beginning of March Turkish bloggers are having a very difficult time to reaching their beloved blogger blogs.

This is so because as a court in Diyarbakır ruled that access to blogger and to all the blogs it hosts should be blocked. The ruling of the court is based on a claim made by a satellite television provider (which I will not name because I do not want to make their advertisement) that some blogs on blogger are showing the football matches of the Turkish League online and for free. Where as this unnamed company paid the unreasonable high amount of 321 million TL, to buy the exclusive rights to broadcast Turkish football for the next four years.

Therefore they asked the court in Diyarbakir a town in the south east of Turkey, where as the HQ of this company is in the middle of Istanbul to block the blogger.

A web site (http://privacy.cyber-rights.org.tr/) announced that Google has taken the necessary steps for removing the blogs that violated the copyright from blogger so that the court decision can be revoked.

But so far I as a blogger I do not see any progress as I cannot access my own blog without using any proxies such as vtunnel.

This I why I have been able to update my blog regularly in the recent days.

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