>TCG Giresun Foils An Pirate Attack To M/V Kıran Asya


TCG Giresun and M/V Avramid

The Turkish frigate F-491 TCG Giresun, foiled and attack of Somali pirates on the bulker M/V Kıran Asya on 27 February 2010.

The Turkish flagged bulker, was on route to Iraq, 85 miles east off the coast of Oman when she was attacked by pirates.

The helicopter of the frigate was rushed to the help of the merchant ship and with its arrival the pirates abandoned their attack.

The pirates tried to attack Panamanian flagged, Turkish owned M/V Avramid and Chinese fishing boat M/V Zen Hua within the hour. Again the helicopter intervened the pirates with warning shots and foiled their attack for the second time.

This incident clearly shows again that an armed helicopter is one of the most effective measures against pirates.

TCG Giresun will remain with the merchant ships and escort them till their passage from the region is completed.

Photos from Turkish General Staff.

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