>While the attention in the Mediterranean is focused on the revolutions in the North Africa especially toward Libya this week, life goes on in other parts of the Mediterranean.

The maritime task force (MTF) of UNIFIL has a new commander. Rear Admiral Luiz Henrique Caroli of Brazil assumed command of the MTF of UNIFIL,on 24 February 2010, in a ceremony aboard Turkish frigate F-243 TCG Yıldırım, at Beirut Harbor.

 Despite taking the command, Brazil did not send a warship to the task force.

Currently UNIFIL-MTF currently comprises from following warships:

F-243 TCG Yıldırım Turkey Frigate
F-18 BNS Osman Bangladesh Frigate
P-911 BNS Madhumati Bangladesh Patrol Craft
A-516 FGS Donau Germany Tender
M-1093 FGS Auerbach Germany Minehunter
P-6130 FGS Hyaene Germany Fast Attack Craft
P-26 HS Degiannis Greece Fast Attack Craft
P-266 HS Machitis Greece Patrol Craft
368 KRI Frans Kaisiepo Indonesia Corvette
Bosphorus Naval News
UNIFIL Force Commander Major-General Alberto Asarta Cuevas handed over the MTF command to Rear Admiral Caroli in the presence of representatives of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) as well as diplomats and officers from UNIFIL Troop Contributing Countries.
Major-General Asarta thanked Brazil for its contribution and praised the work of the MTF and the Lebanese Navy. Rear Admiral Caroli said he was looking forward to his task.

Click here to read the official text.

Yesterday, one of the Bangladeshi contributions to UNIFIL-MTF, Jianghu I class frigate F-18 BNS Osman arrived in Mersin for a short port visit.

She was again in Mersin in June 2010.

This time I was able to obtain a photo via a good friend.

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