>The Evacuation Of Turkish Citizens From Libya (Day 4)


Last night (23.2.2010) at 23:45 the first ferry M/F Orhan Gazi carrying 1516 person arrived in Marmaris after a 19 hours trip from Benghazi.
Two hours later the second ferry M/F Osman Gazi carrying 1512 person arrived in Marmaris too.
Both have a seating for 1250 persons. And as they are used for short max 2 – 2,5 trips across Marmara Sea they do not have proper sleeping bunks but just seats.
Both are currently in Marmaris readying for a return trip. This time they may head toTripoli
In the meanwhile the military ferry TCG Iskenderun is expected to arrive in Libya today.
But as AIS transponder is not turned on and as Turkish Navy doesn’t say a word about the ships they have send for this operation it is not possible to say where TCG Iskenderun is exactly.
Position of M/F Samsun as 23:45 23.2.2010
M/F Samsun is still on herway to Libya. She has left Istanbul on the night of 22.2.2011. With an average speed of 11,4 knots she will arrive in Benghazi in 28 hours.
Her sister M/F Ankara started her voyage to Libya today ataround midnight. She will arrive off Libya in 3 days.
This is the fourth day and there is still no word neither from the Turkish General Staff nor from the Turkish Navy about the frigates and security teams dedicated to this evacuation mission. There are unconfirmed reports that Turkey will send three additional warships to region.
One of the frigates is rumored F-245 TCG Oruçreis. These frigates will carry helicopters and naval special forces teams.

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  1. Huseyin says:

    >Looks like Turkey is using ships in Benghazi, and planes in Tripoli.All times in GMT: 02/2415:30 Turkish Airforce Cargo planes (2 c-130, 2 C-160) landed to Tripoli19:15 TCG Iskenderun A-1600 started loading pasangers in Benghazi.23:30 Airfoce planes left TripoliGMT 02/253:00 Airforce planes landed in Dalaman. Total 360 people evacuated.Air force is planning to dedicate 12 airplanes to build a bridge between Dalaman-Tripoli. Each sortie will consist of four planes.In addition to above, 02/24 evacuation included 2 scheduled, and 2 charter flights from Tripoli (698 passengers), two charter flights from Alexandria, Egypty (330 passangers), one charter flight from Cebra, Tunisia (198 passangers). All flights were caried out by THY.The fast ferries Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi are still in Marmaris. Orhan Gazi's captain cited the unfavourable weather for their delay, but noted that as soon as weather changes, and they receive the orders, they are planning to go back. He noted that during the Benghazi port approach, they followed the normal procedure, and asked an harbour pilot. He also mentioned that when they left, no one was left behind.The details on their mission and capabilities can be read athttp://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/n.php?n=ferries-save-turkish-people-are-safe-an-expert-says-2011-02-24a more detailed account with google translation is athttp://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A//www.zaman.com.tr/haber.do%3Fhaberno%3D1098524%26title%3Dorhan-gazi1-feribotunun-kaptani-tahliye-cok-basariliydi&hl=en&langpair=auto

  2. Huseyin says:

    >Additionally, Samsun is moored at Crete, and Ankara is in Bozcaada due to high-seas.http://www.ntvmsnbc.com/id/25186132/The meteorist at NTV stated that the storms are expected to continue until Saturday in Libya, and Sunday in Aegean Sea.

  3. Saturn 5 says:

    >Hi Huseyin,Thanks for the updates. But M/F Ankara is not in Bozcaada. She is further south in Greece. Both ships are waiting for better weather.

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