>Sledgehammer And Turkish Navy

>Last week 10thHigh Criminal court of Istanbul issued arrest warrants for 163officers of Turkish Armed forces in connection with the Balyoz (Sledgehammer) case.

106 of the officers,arrested, are currently serving in the armed forces. Some of themwere arrested last year again in connection with the Balyoz case butlater they were released as the court decided it was not necessaryfor their imprisonment during the case.
So what has changed? Whyare these officers arrested some for the second time. Well inDecember last year, after an anonymous tip off the police found somedocuments alleged to be related to the planed military coup thearrested officers are accused of.
There are manyinconsistencies and gross mistakes in the first set of the documentson which the case whole case is build upon.
Whether the arrestedofficers are really guilty in planning a military coup or that thewhole case is just a very big scaled hoax will be determined duringthe trial.
Out of the 106 active duty officers arrested, 31 are generals or admirals. There are 301 generals and admirals in the Turkish armed forces. Thus every one out of ten general/admiral is behind bars at the moment and some them were destined to go higher. But the Balyoz case put all these carefully laid plans in jeopardy.

According to the PersonnelLaw of the Turkish Armed Forces an active officer who is on a trialcannot be promoted to a higher rank before the case has ended. It means that the 106 active duty officers now under arrest will not getany promotions before the Balyoz case is finished, even if they arereleased from the prison during the case. 
What does it mean? Itmeans that the whole promotion system evolved in the Turkish ArmedForces is in disarray at the moment. Like in all other armed forceswith longs standing traditions around world the promotions of theofficers especially those in flag positions are carefully arrangedand there are certain key positions on the road to the top.
What worries me is a trial of just magnitude will take at least a couple of years until a verdict can be reached. Some analyst predict that the Balyoz case may continue 3 to 5 years and this estimate does not include the period needed for the appeal to to the higher court. Alone the reading of the indictment lasted 13 court sessions. Now given the estimated length of the trials these officers will not get any promotions for the next 3 to 5 years at least.

The situation isespecially dire for the Turkish Navy. 11 admirals are in imprisonmentat the moment. Among them are commander of the Northern Sea Area andcommander of Southern Sea Area. A quick glance to the organizational chart of the Turkish Navy will reveal that these two are among top 4commands in the navy. And it is a tradition that the Commander of theNorthern Sea Area is promoted unless he messes up big time to be theCommander of the Fleet. And the Commander of the Fleet is actually aCommander of Turkish Naval Forces in waiting.
Among the imprisonedadmirals are: Commander of Submarine Group Command, Commander of thePlans and Policy Department, chief of Staff of the Fleet Command,Deputy Commander of Navy Personnel Department, Commander of SouthernTask Force.  All important and key commands for the navy.
The Balyoz case did notonly put the traditional and carefully planned promotion scheme buildon hard work and loyalty in disarray, it also has created enoughdiversion and distracted all services from their primary duty ofnational defence as many of the top brass was busy with theirpersonal self defence.
Sun Tzu said: Forto win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acmeof skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.

The enemies of Turkish Navy are having a field day without the doubt.  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >I agree completely this trial is a shameful attack on the integrity of the Turkish Armed Forces. Anyone who reads the Cetin Dogan and Gercekler Blog can see how flimsy and fabricated the evidence is–pity about Mainstream Media not being investigative and critical in this case.Serdar

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