>Fire On TCSG-301


TCSG – 301 in her better days

Undersecretariat For Maritime Affairs announced that a fire broke out in the engine room of Coast guard vessel TCSG-301 on 4 February 2010 2011.

The fire started while the boat was onsea off the coast of Zonguldak. Another coast guard vessel TCSG-128help extinguishing the fire. The extend of the damage and the causeof the fire is unknown.

TCSG-301,  is a Kaan 33 class patrolcraft built at Yonca Onuk shipyard in Istanbul. Turkish Coast Guardoperates 13 of these vessels and ordered 9 more. They are build ofadvanced composite material. Thus the damage the fire has causedcould be serious.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >You mean "on 4 February 2011" I think !

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