>Notice To Mariners

>I have been toying withthe idea of combining my two presences in www, the Bosphorus NavalNews blog and Unofficial Homepage of Turkish Navy web page under thesame URL.

I have been editing andmaintaining Unofficial Homepage of Turkish Navy since 1997. It allstarted as a small page on geocities, in the early days of web 1.0.For the last 7 years Unofficial Homepage Of Turkish Navy been hostedunder its own URL turkishnavy.net. This URL is very widely known. Thepages about Turkish Navy are static due to their content and thereis not much interactivity with the visitors.

My blog Bosphorus NavalNews on the other hand is more dynamic and making itself known. Butthere was no organic linkage between the blog and the web page.

ThusI have decided to move the blog to the URL of the web page and createstatic pages the tabs you see below the blog header and transfer thedata of the static web pages to the blog.

But the change in ofdefinitions and IP address seems to be more problematic than I hadthought. Currently I have lost all the traffic coming from Turkey asthe IP address configured belong to Google and they are blocked inTurkey. So no one from Turkey using normal browsing methods can seemy blog including me. And visitors out of Turkey cannot reach thepages hosted in Unofficial Homepage of Turkish Navy asturkishnavy.net is directed to my blog.

I am sorry for theseinconveniences. But I am working on these issues and I hope to solvethem over the weekend.

If you should experienceany problems please let me know: navytr[at]gmail[dot]com

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