>Problems With The Infiltration Boats Or Is It Just A Journalistic Fart?


Last week Zaman newspaper run a story about alleged irregularities by the acceptance of special forces infiltration boat.

According to the article during the acceptance test the commission noticed a number of deficiencies in the main propulsion system and speed and handling performances of the boat. Although the inspection team did not approve the acceptance of the boat, the newspaper states the boat was never the less accepted by Turkish Navy an admiral in charge took the responsibility and admitted the boats despite the deficiencies. 

After the publication of this article, Turkish Defence Ministry released an announcement on the subject saying that the responsibility of the acceptance of the boats lies within Undersecretariat for Defence Industries as the procurement agency and all acceptance test are conducted by UDI. According to the statement there are some deficiencies with second boat which was only temporarily accepted. It is hoped that this reported problems will be rectified before the permanent acceptance.

The ministry also mentioned that this was the official acceptance procedures for all ongoing naval projects. 

Well Zaman newspaper is openly anti military and the article has some obvious gross mistakes in it such a mixing the term LOA with the turning radius. They have also not much clue how the acquisition process between the end user, the manufacturer and the procurement agency works and who is responsible for what. But they were quick to jump to a conclusion that something fouls was within the navy.  

Interestingly they seem to have removed the above mentioned article from their website. We thank Google for its cache in times like these.

On the other hand Yonca Onuk needs to work on the performance issues of these boats as mentioned by the statement of Defence Ministry.

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